Wildlife removal services offered

There are a wide range of services that most wildlife removal companies offer to individuals, or businesses in need. Here is a list of a few services offered by most companies:

1. Capture & Removal: This consist of a humane removal of animal such as raccoons, squirrels, snakes, or opossums.

2. Barriers: This type of service is to maximize defensive measures and ensure that animals have a difficult time reentering a residence.

3. Animal Damage Control: This consist of fixing damages that animals have caused.

4. Property Protection: A company can make the environment animal free by spraying repellent to ward off unwelcomed animals.

5. Inspection: If a person hears noises from underneath the house, or perhaps the walls, they can call a wildlife removal company to inspect the situation. These professionals will know how to assess situations, adjust appropriate capturing methods, and fix entry points that could have could discomfort for the resident.

6. Emergency: This is for unforeseen events such as a raccoon falling through the attic ceiling and causing mayhem throughout the house, or a poisonous snake has entered the home and the resident has a phobia toward snakes. These situations require immediate attention and some wildlife removal services are operating 24/7 to answer these emergency calls.

7. Odor Control: Animals that live in the wilderness have a very unique kind of odor and some humans are just not fond of the aroma they produce. Wildlife removal professionals know the best way to eliminate odors from a home, while keeping you safe.

8. Dead Animal Removal: Is there a dead cat in the yard? Let wildlife removal experts remove the carcass because they know proper removal methods.

9. Attic Deodorization & Decontamination: There are some animals that just love to live in the convenience of a home or resident owner’s attic. These animals leave behind their unique scent, which can attract other animals, and odor, which causes contamination. It is important that once the animal is captured, the attic must be sanitized.